Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Elena M, Moscow, Russia

I believe the story I am about to tell did not happen to me just by chance. As a consequence to that very breakdown I turned to father Oleg, became a catechumen in a true Church of Saint John the Theologian and got baptized two years later.

Some terrifying changes happened to my husband in his attitude towards the family – he started hating both our son and me. We had terrible scandals at home, he was throwing things and money into our faces, shouting how he hated us and wanted to get rid of us as soon as possible. Being in despair, I was asking for advise from Orthodox priests but they had nothing but excuses.

By divine providence I found Fr. Oleg's site. I decided to write to father Oleg about my sorrows and problems. Father replied with a warm letter, the main idea of which was to "endure and wait". After some time my husband admitted he was having an affaire and he did not know what he had to do. But I did know what I must do – endure and wait. Maybe I should’ve divorced him immediately but father said to "endure and wait" and I trusted his and God’s will. I must tell you that tolerating all that, being worried for my son and sick mother I was constantly in a state close to hysterics (I could even come to the point when I was seriously thinking whom I should kill – him or myself?) After talking to father I obtained that long ago forgotten feeling of peace.

After some time that woman stopped all relationships with my husband and he started to change. Well... my son and I haven’t seen such care about us for a long time! As father said, my husband was under a strong influence of evil powers (and I witnessed that each and every day). Father did not promise anything but the results were obvious: after his prayers my husband confessed his affair, that woman left him without any explanations, he changed his attitude towards me and our son and now I see how happy he is to come home, which he hated so badly before. This is the first evidence of graceful power of father Oleg, which my family and I have experienced by ourselves.

One year later I had an accident and experienced the power of a prayer by father’s name.

One day I was driving home from our country house and my car broke down. I could drive but with a terrible noise – the exhaust pipe went off. I said to myself: "Well, it could be worse" and continued driving. But as soon as I reached the Moscow Ring road, all of the car devices died out - lights and the most important – windshield wipers (it was slightly raining that time). Now I would like to describe a little a traffic in Moscow. Every time you get in your car – consider yourself on a battlefield. And this is not a joke. Drunken drivers are quite common, at a speed of 120-160-180 km/h (who’s the fastest?), endless traffic violations, rudeness, you can’t even be sure driving on a green light – you never know who’ll fly against you around the next corner. And the Moscow Ring road is a giant highway with 5 lanes in each direction, always packed up with cars, trucks, busses and criminals waiting to "set-up".

This is the situation I found myself in. I try to drive – can’t see anything, my windshield gets covered with dirt from cars in front, I stop to clean the windshield but in 10-20 seconds and it is dirty again.

I got in the car and started praying to God, God's Mother and All Saints the way father told me to: "Lord! By the prayers of my spiritual father, Father Oleg, help me to get home!" So I prayed, calmed down and started my way home.

I was driving in a car with a windshield covered by dirt, in a rain, making a terrifying rattle. I could see only the stop-signals of a car in front of me. When one car drove away I would find another one. I never stopped praying all of my way – 54 (!) km.

I finally arrived home, drove into the backyard and parked the car in front of our entrance. That moment I stopped praying, said "Glory to God", the car died and never started again. Those who drive and know Moscow roads will agree that I did a thing impossible.

Servant of God Elena M.

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