Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

The Preaching of Universal Repentance - Father Oleg Molenko -
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Testimony of servant of God Natalia , USA

I have been in the faith, in the true one, for a little over one year. My spiritual father is Father Oleg Molenko. I don't even know how I could have earned such favor with the Lord.

My life used to be terrible; I don't even want to talk about it. Living in the Ukraine, I tried many times to come into the church, some unexplainable feeling was drawing me there. In my understanding, church is something mysterious, something holy. Old ladies taught me where and to which saint to light candles. I would very rarely visit the church and that on the great feasts.

Thirteen years ago I underwent a great sorrow - I almost lost my 7-year old son. The first thing my inner voice told me was to go to church and ask of God that He wouldn't take away my son. And indeed, the death's threat went away and my son survived. But I, instead of glorifying the Lord, went back to my old ways and was bathing in sin.

It was God's will (now I know it for certain) for me to come to America through many obstacles without knowing what awaited me. Three years ago, I nearly was killed in a car accident. I called upon the Lord for help and was miraculously delivered although my companion died.

After all this had happened, I went to church. By the will of God, I met a young couple. I saw kindness in their eyes, there was a sense of warmness emanating from them. Not yet realizing anything then, I followed them where they went. They brought me to Father Oleg. For the first time in my life, I made a general confession. Never before had I revealed honestly my sins to anyone - I just couldn't and used to never consider my life a sinful one. Generally speaking, it was very hard for me to reveal my life not in parts but entirely, since childhood, to a stranger (even if he is a priest), as for me, he is just another man. But my papa, he's different. Only to him I confessed everything and received such relief for my soul that I couldn't believe myself. I had always been pursued by anxiety, fear of something, worry, nervousness. I had run very tired of that. I viewed myself as an unhappy woman, I found no satisfaction in anything and only dreamed in my mind that someday there would at last come relief, comfort and peace to my soul.

O how merciful and patient the Lord is to sinful me! Only now have I begun to understand that He has sent me my spiritual Father Oleg who lovingly, little by little, is doctoring my wounded soul. I do treat him like a father. He is only one year older than me but I am like a babe before him, sometimes I feel that I grieve him by my stumbling and falling into sin. But I believe that with Father Oleg, I can be saved. He so precisely and delicately points out my shortcomings in his sermons and teaches how to say prayers that the Lord would hear them, teaches how to live rightly and what the meaning of our life is on this sinful earth.

When Father Oleg comes to us, he always conducts a service, fellowships with us. At those times, I feel something I can't describe within my soul, I feel like flying, jubilate for joy, everything around turns brighter, better and more beautiful. When I listen to his sermons and look at him, I see how kind he is, how well he knows his children, how he discerns what to say to who, how to comfort.

I can talk about our papa without ceasing because the Lord has sent him to call people to repentance, to cleansing. I pray every day that the Lord would my children to turn to Him and to receive as a reward such spiritual father like our papa. Father Oleg opened my eyes and drew me out of a pit in which I had been for many years without even knowing it. Life without God is like sitting in a dark pit indeed.

May the Lord help me follow Father Oleg until the end of my earthly life.

May the Lord keep you, Father Oleg.

With Love, servant of God Natalia

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