Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Natalia S, Canada

I came to Father Oleg in March of 1999, having suffered from a complicated form of depression for several years. I was taking very strong pills and was hoping only to die because I wasn't a believer. My coming wasn't accidental. At night, when I was again feeling very bad, I clearly heard a commanding voice which I had never heard before, "Go to a priest". I could hardly wait till dawn to call one of my acquaintances who was a believer. He was the one who gave me Father Oleg's number.

By Father Oleg's prayers which went, along with confession, for almost five hours, God's abundant grace came upon me and healed me of the bad illness. When the prayers were over, during the conversation with Father Oleg, I saw heavenly blue light proceeding out of his bottomless eyes, I became quiet and said softly, "It seems, I've come home" - there was a feeling of something very akin and close that was long forgotten and I didn't feel like leaving.

I completely gave up on pills and my doctor was eventually forced to acknowledge that it was the first case in his 20-year medical practice of healing of such complicated disease. From the medical point of view, it was impossible that I could live without drugs. The Lord healed me according to Father Oleg's prayers for my sincere confession, while He had previously put on me a straitjacket of a heavy illness caused by my sins. Forgive me everything, O Lord!

I was baptized with water on Lady Day. As I realize now, that event which brought me back to life, had been wonderfully predicted in 1992. My acquaintances presented me with an icon of Gabriel the Archangel and a nighty when I was yet an unbeliever. It was written "Lady Day" on the icon. The icon had been brought from Kiev by my acquaintances; they were unbelievers, too, and it was simply a gift. After 7 years, a priest from Kiev, Father Oleg, would baptize me with water on Lady Day after a medically incurable disease...

May the Lord keep you and may there be no doubt in Father Oleg holiness and in his sincere love towards his spiritual children.

Servant of God Natalia S.

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