Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Olga D.

Dear Fr.Oleg!

Please bless me, the guilty one, and my family!

Iíd like to write to you about what happened after I confessed to you in November. To speak the truth I did not believe that your service held great power. Then I became extremely impressed, or better to say astonished. I did not tell you that after a quite complicated birth of my child I was diagnosed with postpartum clefts, which, as I thought, would get healed with a conservative treatment. Well, they didnít. Of course I prayed to God and trusted in His help. But my prayers were not answered. Later on my sickness became chronic and I expected to be operated on and was thinking only when to do it.

The next day after I received the prayer for forgiveness I suddenly realized that I did not feel any pain. I wondered why?

I had not changed anything in my life, was not taking any medicine. To make a long story short my clefts healed within a day. Most important they were open the previous day and healed the next.

I did not write about it immediately because I doubted Ė what if it was a temporary phenomenon. But one month passed and everythingís fine. I canít explain this by autosuggestion since I did not tell you about it.

Generally speaking I did not expect an immediate deliverance after confession. Neither after I sent my confession, nor after I received the prayer for forgiveness (I was expecting it for appr. a month). Not because I did not believe, I had just resigned myself to it.

I at first wanted to write my testimony without specifying my sickness but was not sure if it would be persuasive. But I decided to write anyway because what happened is just astonishing.

Thank you very much for what you are doing!

God save you!

Olga D.

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