Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Testimony of servant of God Vasiliy P., Kiev, Ukraine

1997 - excerpt from a letter to Mother Galyna
(Fr.Oleg was a prisoner for the sake of God)

God bless me!

. . .

I would like to sincerely confirm my respect and love to Fr.Oleg and admire his intellect and talent. His life, a constant fight, humiliation and torments only make you love and respect him stronger. Without a doubt, those who have not gone through these walls and felt this uninvited pain, have not seen what you can't read on a face or in a book, they would never understand how hard life is in a prison. There are very few people like Fr.Oleg and it's very hard for me to be without him.

Fr.Oleg has lived through an incomprehensibly severe torment within these walls. He was hiding a lot from you so that you would not worry.

I give my warmest support, respect and love to my spiritual mentor Fr.Oleg! I apologize for all those moments which were wrong from my side. I have always done my best to help him and will always trust and help him. I feel bad and uncomfortable without him.

Fight for him, wait and love. He deserves this.

Servant of God, Vasiliy

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