Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Father Oleg Molenko Answers Questions

Ludmila, Ioshkar Ola, Russia

Greetings to you, dear papa!

We beg your forgiveness for disturbing you and ask to forgive us our perplexity.

The fact is that about a month ago, people in our city, as all over Russia, were honoring the icon from Diveyevo of the reverend Father Seraphim of Sarov with an element of his hallows. It was said today by the "Mayak" radio station that the icon is being transported to Turkey. Olimpiada, my spiritual sister, went to honor that icon. In the evening, having entered the empty temple, she kneeled before her favorite Pleaser of God and stood there a little longer than usual while fervently praying to him. In spite of her declining years, making low obeisances was easy to her. But there at the icon, she could not get up by herself for some reason. Having come home with great difficulty, she found out that one leg was almost inoperative, because there had occurred a nerve cramping and the doctors said that it was a spandiplaesus and she could no longer walk without a cane. How may she be comforted? Thank you in advance.

  Father Oleg's Answer

Greetings to you, Ludmila!

The fact is, that in the apostate structure of the MP the chiefs in hoods and caps go sometimes for any counterfeit in order to maintain their degraded weight and to attract people into their graceless temples. For this purpose they, with a prostitute "blessing" of their gorged "most holy" "P-R-tri-arch" , went for a terrible fraud - they purported the remains of an unknown man for the holy relics of the reverend father Seraphim of Sarov. Contrary to his clear prophecy that he would himself rise up and go on foot from Sarov to Diveyevo to announce the preaching of world-wide repentance there, they transported the false relics from Petersburg straight to Diveyevo. During that transportation there wasn't a single case of healing as it had been at the time of the invention of the true relics and of the praising of the starets Seraphim as one of the reverend fathers in 1903. However, there were demon-possessed who ran around and beat their sticks thus making pilgrims believe in the "holiness" of the false relics. Pieces of those false relics were set apart and placed on several icons of the reverend Seraphim. It is one of those icons that Olympiad prayed before. According to the decree of the Ecumenical Council, worship of the relics (the remains) of false martyrs, of heretics and of false saints is a grievous sin. But representatives of the MP's false clergy set their subordinates up to fall into this grievous sin. But Olympiad's responsibility is special here because the Lord had opened her eyes to the truth through our site, including the truth about the false church of the MP. I had not allowed anyone to attend the temples of the MP and to worship their modern "relics", except for the cases of sicknesses, when there were no services going on or there were nobody from among the false clergy, to go to the ancient temples in which there had been said many prayers, in order to pray to the ancient authentic icons and relics stolen by the MP from the Church of Christ. She unknowingly worshipped the false relics and was punished for that sin. Let her repent for this specific sin and promise to no longer attend the temples of the MP and then she will receive healing. The Lord, though, may keep her lame, as in the case of Jacob, to testify to others that they would not go back to the perilous marsh of the MP even under a good pretense.

But the commandment of the Lord to those who see says clearly and definitely:

The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians. Chapter 6. Verse 17:
Therefore come out from among them (the apostates) and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.

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