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Father Oleg Molenko Answers Questions


Father Oleg Molenko



Alexander Vasilchuk, Zvenigorod, Russia

Father Oleg,
I have this question: there are people who never knew or heard nothing about God and went into eternity (for example, American Indians before the Discovery by Columbus). Do they have a chance to be in Heaven?
Also, I am a psychologist and let’s suppose a child was brought up in a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ home and was taught in their faith. Whether we understand it or not, but that’s his fathers’ faith and HE UNDESRTANDS THAT IT’S THE RIGHT WAY and LIVES all of his life THAT WAY and dies. If he lived right according to his faith’s requirements, does he have a chance to be in Heaven?
I’ll be very grateful for an answer.

Father Oleg's Answer
  Todd Carlson, Detroit, USA

Dear Fr. Oleg Molenko,
Our Priest came across your website, found it quite informative, and suggested that all the parishioners take look at it. The only problem I have, is that I cannot read Russian. Will you create an English version any time in the near future? Even a summary of the most import parts, in English, would be greatly appreciated.
Respectfully Yours,
Todd Carlson.

Father Oleg's Answer
Victor , Russia

Father Oleg, bless me!
Father, why, do you think, there are so few people who believe in Christ, in the Resurrection and in the Life of the Age to? Among my colleagues and just acquaintances, I can mention only few such people. Is this a tendency of apostasy or of modern pragmatism?
Thank you

Father Oleg's Answer
Yaroslav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Greetings to you, Father Oleg!
I'd like to wish you good health and to further confess the true faith and to edify us, the sinful ones, into the right path.
Is there a way to know whether a man went to heaven or to hell after his death?

Father Oleg's Answer
  Yaroslav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

What about the Great Judgment day?
It is thought that all people who have ever lived on Earth, will be resurrected and will stand before the Judgment in new bodies. If our planet's population counts about five billion people, then after the resurrection of those who have ever lived, there will be an enormous number of people. The Lord will determine the fate of each and every one specifically.
How will it be possible and in what span of time?
And how will everyone be able to co-exist on Earth simultaneously?

Father Oleg's Answer
Aleksey, Novosibirsk, Russia

Greetings, Father Oleg.
Is it correct that the morning and the evening prayer should be read (if possible) and not spoken by memory? And while praying aloud, one should not apply “expression” to the prayer by emphasizing individual words by intonation.

Father Oleg's Answer
Aleksey, Astrakhan, Russia

Dear Father Oleg,
1. I don’t know how harmful the horoscope hobby is, but I know for a fact that it’s one of the catchiest. It’s been a long time since I read horoscopes purposefully, but every time I hear someone’s date of birth, I subconsciously start associating it with a Zodiac sign. Or, if I know someone who is of a certain sign, I (again, subconsciously) start ascribing certain characteristics to that person according to what sign he is.
How can I get rid of these harmful obsessions? Will you agree that they are against nature and destructive for an orthodox person?
2. My sister’s husband is, like all of us, orthodox and he says that to kill spiders is a sin and never kills any. On the contrary, I can’t stand spiders and often kill them. I’ve never come across anything on spiders in the orthodox literature.
Maybe you know? Is it a sin to kill spiders or not?

Father Oleg's Answer
Vladimir, Donetsk, Ukraine

Father Oleg, greetings!
I have a practical question.
To what extent is it appropriate to fellowship with non-Christians (Muslims)? I’ll try explaining it by a specific example: my Mom has a friend who confesses Islam (he is an “ex-Soviet”, observes no rituals, indifferent to all faiths).
My Mom is a “Russian Orthodox” in the same way (she calls us “fanatics”). Any fellowship with other faiths’ representatives is displeasing to us, but we don’t want to hurt that man’s and my Mom’s feelings. Can we receive such people at home, accept gifts, share fellowship, etc.? What should we do?

Father Oleg's Answer
Yaroslav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Father Oleg, I have a question which is difficult to me.
Where does the sinful edge lie in the desire for material things?
Here is a simple earthly example: I want to buy a refrigerator because the one I have now is old and worn-out. (Instead of “refrigerator” you can put any other thing).
What is the harmfulness in this? In the mere desire to buy a refrigerator? In the desire to buy a good one? Any purchase and desire can be justified by a necessity, can’t it? And we all want something all the time and buy something. For example, I love taking pictures for memory and consider it necessary for my family. That’s why I’ll never buy myself a camera for $ 200 but rather an $ 800 worth one, if I have the money. What is depravity here?

Father Oleg's Answer
Aleksey, Novosibirsk, Russia

Greetings, Father Oleg.
The Gospel According to St. Luke. Chapter 14. Verse 26
“…if any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple;”
Does it mean “hate as an obstacle on the way to God” and only together with “yea, and his own life also”? In other references this sounds less radical. But how did this harsh definition - “hate” – come about? Is the translation correct?

Father Oleg's Answer
Vladimir Polishchuk, Kiev, Ukraine

Greetings, Father Oleg!
On your site, you predict America’s destiny, with what I agree to some extent. Those who will participate in that war and will be killed, will go to hell, according to your sermon. Accordingly, those already dead and even the bodies of the saints buried in the American soil, will go to hell because the earth will be terribly polluted. I see only one solution for the orthodox in America – return to the CIS or Europe and transport the bodies of the deceased saints to the Russian Orthodox temples in the CIS and Europe.
May God help you in your works!
With respect,

Father Oleg's Answer
Ludmila, Ioshkar Ola, Russia

Greetings to you, dear papa!
We beg your forgiveness for disturbing you and ask to forgive us our perplexity.
The fact is that about a month ago, people in our city, as all over Russia, were honoring the icon from Diveyevo of the reverend Father Seraphim of Sarov with an element of his hallows. It was said today by the "Mayak" radio station that the icon is being transported to Turkey. Olimpiada, my spiritual sister, went to honor that icon. In the evening, having entered the empty temple, she kneeled before her favorite Pleaser of God and stood there a little longer than usual while fervently praying to him. In spite of her declining years, making low obeisances was easy to her. But there at the icon, she could not get up by herself for some reason. Having come home with great difficulty, she found out that one leg was almost inoperative, because there had occurred a nerve cramping and the doctors said that it was a spandiplaesus and she could no longer walk without a cane. How may she be comforted? Thank you in advance.

Father Oleg's Answer
Ludmila, Ioshkar Ola, Russia

Good health to you, dear papa in the Lord!
May the mercy and help of our Lord Jesus Christ be always with you!
I'd like to express my huge gratitude through this site for your answer to question ╣1051. Our spiritual sister Olympiad who unknowingly bowed down to a "wonder-working" icon of Father Seraphim with a piece of "his relics" and was punished for having done so (her left leg refused to work with a sharp pain), has wholeheartedly repented of it and has firmly promised God to no longer enter the apostate temples of the Moscow Patriarchate and not to bow down before their modern "relics". Having done this, she has been delivered from the infirmity by the mercy of God and your holy prayers and is now trying to walk without any aid!
Let this small fact testify in order to affirm those who have believed in the Church of Christ which is now under the headship of the Great Apostle John the Divine and to bring to shame those who curse and blaspheme the bearers of the Holy Spirit!
P.S: I'd also like to recommend to Vlad (to question ╣1100) to enlighten himself and gain wisdom through the biography of the sanctifier and miracle worker Nectarius of Aegina, canonized in Greece in 1961. He also was persecuted because of slander, jealousy and devilry of the church activists and did not belong to any "traditional religious structure" as a "wandering bishop". But God praises His saints!

Father Oleg's Answer
Nadya, Ufa, Russia

Greetings to you, Father Oleg!
Could you, please, explain specifically to me what the prayer "Our Father Who art in heavenů" is about? What am I asking of God?

Father Oleg's Answer
Alexander Mikhailov, Canada

Father Oleg,
what is your attitude towards Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ"?
May God save you.

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