Repent, for the Lord is coming to judge.

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Father Oleg Molenko Answers Questions

Vladimir Polishchuk, Kiev, Ukraine

Greetings, Father Oleg!

On your site, you predict America’s destiny, with what I agree to some extent. Those who will participate in that war and will be killed, will go to hell, according to your sermon. Accordingly, those already dead and even the bodies of the saints buried in the American soil, will go to hell because the earth will be terribly polluted. I see only one solution for the orthodox in America – return to the CIS or Europe and transport the bodies of the deceased saints to the Russian Orthodox temples in the CIS and Europe.
May God help you in your works!

With respect,

  Father Oleg's Answer

Greetings, Vladimir!

That those who will die in the great war of the Apocalypse will go to hell, is told in the book of Revelation of John the Divine. This is in no way connected with those already dead or moreover with the saints. The fate of those who died before the Great Judgment is already predetermined and everyone of them is awaiting it in the place they had deserved. People’s bodies won’t go to hell before the Great Judgment. We should leave them in the care of their Creator, Redeemer and Resurrector, Who is God.
The migration from the American continent to the overseas will take place when the Lord blesses and begins Himself to lead out those who He pleases. Some of the survivors will try to escape on their own, at their own risk. But the return will happen not only to Europe or the CIS, but to Asia and Africa also, where there will be few people after the war.

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